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Employee Testimonials

With being out of work over two years after giving birth to my babies it was very hard to find employment. It has been over 10 plus years since I have worked at a job through BesTemps. I thought why not go and see if I’m still listed in their system for work. Well, turns out I was super excited because all I had to do was update my information and follow up with my call in. I was very specific on what type of work I was looking for and scored my first job in less than two weeks. I started a job learning things I’ve never done before that I can now add to my resume. BesTemps definitely has a great team and work system.


I love working for BesTemps because they are always finding the best highest paying jobs, also the staff is very friendly and easy to communicate with. Very friendly and helpful office staff and an all-around great place to work!


BesTemps was the best temp agency I ever worked with, and I highly recommend them.


I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity you have given me. I greatly appreciate the assignment. Many thanks to your staff for it’s professional attitude and attention.


The people there are very nice went in filled out a application and got a job the same day!! Highly recommend.


Great place staff is well versed in what they do.


Walked in and got a job that started the next day. After 3 months got hired on with company and now have a potential career.